Product liability cases arise when someone is injured or killed by a defective or unreasonably dangerous product.  The individual harm need not be the owner or purchaser of the product.  Any individual who is hurt by a defective product has a potential product liability claim. 

There are three types of product liability claims:

  1. Design Defect Claims: In a design defect claim, the product defect is present in all of the products.  The defect results from the concept or blueprint of the product rather than the manufacture of it.  Examples include:
  • A vehicle with an unreasonable propensity to rollover
  • A car seat that unlatches during expected accident
  • A powerful tool unequipped with a property safety guard
  • A medical implant with a premature failure rate
  1. Manufacturing Defect Claim: in a manufacturing defect claim, the defect is only present in a limited number of the product.  This defect usually occurs on the assembly line.  Examples include:
  • A ladder rung that breaks because it was improperly attached
  • A batch of baby formula that is tainted with mislabeled or bad ingredients
  • A heating paid that causes burns because of defective wiring
  • A hot water heater that scalds because of a defective thermostat
  1. Failure to Warn Claims: in a failure to warn claim, the defect is presented by the instructions or marketing materials that come with the product.  Examples include:
  • Failure to warn about a specific, foreseeable risk to children
  • Failure to warn about combustible or toxic chemicals and fumes
  • Failure to warn about known or reasonably foreseeable drug reactions

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